Once upon a time there were three sisters. One decided to travel and on her exciting odyssey she was stopped short in Melbourne, spellbound by the coffee culture. She stayed, seduced by the outdoor lifestyle, and educated herself in all things coffee, attending workshops and tastings while working in a busy beach-side café where she learned the art of creating fine coffee. Mealla began to wonder how she would ever settle back into the teaching life. A germ of an idea began to hatch: could she bring her Melbourne experience and love of coffee back to Dublin and start her own café?
Meanwhile the second sister, missing the first one terribly, went out to Melbourne to visit … soon they were working along side each other at the beach. Hannah, a graphic designer, was just as wowed by Melbourne’s unique approach to coffee and was inspired by the creative and quirky spaces that sold coffee in all sorts of weird and wonderful locations; not least was the hatch idea, where (always excellent) coffee was sold out of a hatch on the side of a building. This interesting concept was everywhere and was the way Mealla was going in terms of her plans for Dublin.
Meanwhile, in far-off Vancouver, sister number three was training as a barista. Norabeth, an animation student was perfecting her coffee art as her sisters hatched Hatch!
So now Glasthule, a beautiful seaside village, is the home of Hatch Coffee, which morphed out of the original idea of serving coffee out through a hatch; it wasn’t proving as practical on this side of the world. Mealla is back in Dublin, on the coast and doing what she loves best. She is serving up high quality 3FE coffee that is roasted in Dublin and unrivaled in flavour. Her beverage menu reflects today's sophisticated tastes, while her nibbles range from the sublime to the yummy doughnut! Her loose-leaf teas are sourced from Wall & Keogh.. Her Valrhona Celaya hot chocolates are already famous for their generous and decadent toppings.. IT’S ALL GOOD!
Hatch Coffee is unashamedly modeled on its Melbourne counterparts and has been met with delight by its ever increasing body of customers. No fuss, tasteful and unpretentious it’s the place to be. Mealla and her team love coffee. They celebrate the notion that it is first blossom then fruit then bean and finally a cup of coffee; they respect the industrial processes and journey that take place between the bean and the grinder. So pop in; on any day you are bound to be served up something excellent of your choice by one or other of the Tarrant sisters. Mealla is lucky to have had support and expertise from both of her sisters in setting up her coffee business. Matthew and Leanne are also part of this hard-working and enthusiastic team.