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No Fuss,
just great coffee

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Pure Water Refills

Hatch has taken action to ban disposable plastics and replaced the retail water bottle fridge with a new eco-conscious Water Tank filled with Ceramic Filtered, Purified Water. We encourage our customers to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) and refill as needed.

Choose to Reuse

Choose to Reuse

Not only have we eliminated this issue by upgrading to fully compostable cups, but we encourage new simple steps customers can take to contribute to using less to-go disposables. We have a range of premium reusable containers by Frank Green and Miir and we offer discounts off your coffee when you choose to reuse :)

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100% Compostable

We have switched to double-walled fully compostable take away cups. We encourage our customers to BYO Reusable Containers but if you don’t have it with you you can still enjoy your guilt free coffee and recycle your compostable cup.

Miir collection

Miir Projects

Many are unaware of the double-walled takeaway cups that cannot be recycled. Our Miir products create Sustainable Impacts Worldwide. Each Miir Reusable has a code that can be used to contribute to specific projects. #producttoproject